Here is a guide by topic to all of the videos on Elizabeth's YouTube Channel. Is there some song or tutorial you'd like to see? You can email Elizabeth and make a request HERE.

Flute Tutorials

Learn How to Play “November Rain” Guns and Roses Part 1
Learn How to Play “November Rain” Guns and Roses Part 2
Single tonguing Articulation
Music Performance Tutorial: Practicing Smarter!!
Breathing 101 for musicians
High and Low Notes Flute Lesson
Alternate Fingerings
Flute Maintenance 101
Clean your Sticky Flute pads!!
Flute Tips and Tricks
How to play Naruto
How to Hold the Flute
Learn how to make amazing Vibrato
How to play the flute
Learn to play “Up is Down” Pirates of the Caribbean

Tin Whistle Tutorials

Learn to Play “Over the Misty Mountain”
Learn to Play “Only the Beginning” Chronicles of Narnia
Learn to Play “Two Hornpipes” from Pirates Part 1
Learn to Play “Two Hornpipes” from Pirates Part 2
Learn to Play “My Heart Will Go On”
Learn to Play “Concerning Hobbits,” The Lord of the Rings
How to play the Irish Tin Whistle

Popular Song Covers

“Firework,” Katy Perry
“Apologize,” One Republic 
“Sabor A Mi,” Luis Miguel
“Vamo' Alla Flamenco,” Final Fantasy IX OST
“Eleanor Rigby”
“Antes De Las Seis,” Shakira
Final Fantasy Opening Theme
“Gypsy” Shakira
“Jar of Hearts”
“I'm Yours”
“Kiss From a Rose,” Seal
“Ojos Asi “ Shakira
“Waka Waka”
“Pachelbel's Canon” meets “The First Noel”
“Amazing Grace”

Movie Songs and Themes Covers

“Over the Misty Mountain,” The Hobbit
“Over the Misty Mountain,”  The Hobbit on Tin Whistle
“Two Hornpipes,” Pirates of the Carribbean on Tin Whistle
“Concerning Hobbits,” Lord of the Rings on Tin Whistle
Zorro's Theme
“The Throne Room,” STAR WARS 
“BELIEV,E” The Polar Express
“Star of Bethlehem,” Home Alone
“Double Trouble,” Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Chronicles of Narnia
“NARUTO Theme”
“Up is Down,” Pirates of the Caribbean
“Jack Sparrow,” Pirates of the Caribbean
“I see You,” Avatar
“The Black Pearl,” Pirates of the Caribbean
“The Medallion Calls,” Pirates of the Caribbean
“Across the Stars,” Star Wars
“Hedwig's Theme,” Harry Potterc

Miscellaneous Videos

Vlog: Going to San Francisco and Europe!!!
Free Flute Lesson Announcement
Thank Goodness Its Flute Friday
International Toot Your Flute Day!
How to play the Hulusi
Lyrical Mothership (YTSO) 2011 Audition
Flautist Making a Difference Interview

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